Stockholm Artwalk. Fun internal project where I got to learn a lot about art in the subway

Internal project


  • – UX/UI Designer
  • – Project manager
  • – Illustrator / photographer
  • – Illustrations of the stations
  • – Make logo
  • – Wrote texts (rewritten by Copy-writer)
  • – Take pictures
  • – Low-fidelity wireframes
  • – High-fidelity wireframes

We created a visual guide for the art in the Stockholm subway in three languages and in the form of an app. For a certain amount, you could unlock extra features such as a spoken audio guide. The app was also published as a tourist guide on Tripadvisor.


The consulting firm owned an in-house developed app that was based on SL’s line map. The app was simple but had many visitors. We wanted to develop and make something more of it that also connects to the subway.


The idea was to create a digital guide to the art in Stockholm’s subway and name it Stockholm Artwalk. We started with the stations on the blue line; Kungsträdgården, T-centralen, City Hall, Stadshagen and Solna Centrum.

Parts of the project:

  • Research work, read what others had written on the subject and visit the stations
  • Photograph and film the stations
  • Determine the different points of interest at each station and write texts for them
  • Copywriter rewrites my texts
  • Translators translate the texts into German and English
  • Actors in each language read the texts to create audio files
  • Draw maps of the current stations
  • Build prototype in XD
  • Photograph the stations with a large format camera and tripod
  • Frontend guy builds the app
  • Build a website for the app in Swedish, German and English

Download the app:

See website